Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Toby's Terms

On Toby’s Terms by Charmaine Hammond

Book description:

When Charmaine and her husband adopted Toby, a five-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever, they figured he might need some adjusting time, but they certainly didn't count on what he'd do in the meantime. Soon after he entered their lives and home, Toby proved to be a holy terror who routinely opened and emptied the hall closet, turned on water taps, pulled and ate things from the bookshelves, sat for hours on end in the sink, and spent his days rampaging through the house. Oddest of all was his penchant for locking himself in the bathroom, and then pushing the lid of the toilet off the tank, smashing it to pieces. After a particularly disastrous encounter with the knife-block in the kitchen—and when the couple discovered Toby's bloody paw prints on the phone—they decided Toby needed professional help. Little did they know what they would discover about this dog. On Toby's Terms is an endearing story of a beguiling creature who teaches his owners that, despite their trying to teach him how to be the dog they want, he is the one to lay out the terms of being the dog he needs to be. This insight would change their lives forever.

My Review:

I enjoyed this story. Anyone who’s ever loved and been loved by a pet will relate to this couple and their dog. This book will make you laugh and make you cry, it will make you rethink how important animals are in our lives. Animals, like people, need to feel they have a purpose and love. Toby gave his love and his determination to become the best dog he could be and help his owners learn to be better people.

Even if you don’t own a dog you will enjoy this heartwarming story and fall in love with Toby. To learn more about Toby and his inspirational story check out

I received this book free of charge from Get Noticed PR for my review. Thanks Randee.

Happy Reading!


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